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Principal Message

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Nymphaea Suden Reddy


We are committed to giving our young people a breath of learning and the range of skills that they will need to take their place as the leaders of tomorrow. We do so in the context of a values system that we hope will ensure that they exercise that leadership with wisdom, compassion and humility. Do hope that you find our website helpful in coming to know our school a little better. It contains a snapshot of some of the amazing array of activities and opportunities offered to our students and it also contains messages from key people whose collective vision has made Nosegay what it is today. As the recently appointed Principal of the school, it may be helpful for you to gain insight into my educational philosophy and to share in my hopes and aspirations for the next stage of our journey.

Nosegay was founded to be distinctive and different and I believe it has remained faithful to that vision. It is a remarkable school, but is also exploratory; we want to encourage a sense of intellectual curiosity and we want to take people into the world feeling confident and believing that they can make a difference for the better. The world of the 21st century places enormous demands on our young people and we do so in the context of a values system that we hope will ensure that they exercise that leadership with wisdom, compassion and humility.

What is being done here is hugely important, because we are encouraging young people to see that not only can they develop their own talents, but they can move beyond themselves and encourage a sense of commitment to the wider community and to the betterment of the world at large.

Knowing who you are and knowing the values that will sustain you and must remain unchanged throughout your life, whilst becoming versatile, flexible and able to adapt to the challenges of this rapidly paced modern society lies at the heart of all that we aim to instil in our students.

I see great things happening here everyday; -many of them unannounced, many of them not particularly newsworthy, but all of them cumulative, important and transformative. It seems to me that they are the product of a community where every one of our students is well known and supported by a broad range of people. We recognise that success in developing our pupils to the fullest depends on the teamwork we share with parents, guardians, teachers and the conducive ambience at Nosegay.